Bonus Tip: Where to upload adult videos

If you have been looking for a place to upload some of your home adult videos you are in luck today. We did a little digging around to see what some good sites that allow this. The one we liked the most was luv2skeet. They allow you to upload any kind of genre of video. Their uploader also supports the uploading of images. The only drawback which really isn’t a drawback is that you have to sign up for an account but once you have done that its pretty easy to get started uploading. Another really nice thing about their site is the speed. It appears that uploads happen pretty damn fast. So if you have a speedy internet connection you should be in pretty good shape.

If you are ready to get started we have provided the URL for you below. Also don’t forget to check out some of their videos while you are there. We did happen to take a peek and we saw lots of sexy girls on there. Make sure no one is around after all you are visiting a porn site.

Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions or additional tips when it comes to sharing your porn videos.

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How to know if a proxy is actually secure

It is actually very easy to make sure your identity is not stolen online. Sometimes when it comes to purchasing things online users aren’t that careful. For example sometimes user are bored at work trying to kill some time. So what they do is go shopping. Most of the time youtube is blocked at work so they use a youtube proxy to be able to access their favorite videos. Sites like those can also access other sites that are blocked. So they find it very easy to try and purchase something via there. The most important thing to look at is whether this site is secured with SSL or not. If its not all of the information going though the page is in plan text. Meaning that anyone who is familiar with sniffing traffic can see all of the data going through. So the easiest way it to take a look at he URL. If you see that it has HTTPS in the from of the url you should be safe. If its not attempt to add the “s” and see if the site generates any errors. If it does the site does not support SSL.

Hope this helps some of you. :)

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